Prizefighter [SINGLE]

by The Bottom Dollars




released February 15, 2011

RECORDED & ENGINEERED BY: Zachary Ciancaglini (Headgear Recordings) & Josh Ascalon (RADStudioBK)
MASTERED AT: The Cutting Room (NYC)
PRODUCED BY: The Bottom Dollars & Zachary Ciancaglini



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The Bottom Dollars Brooklyn, New York


"Professional Sonic Assassins." -

“The Bottom Dollars channel The Clash’s energy with an Americana twist.” - Popdose

"The Bottom Dollars...It's having a flask tucked, at all times, in the inside pocket of any coat that would ever be worn. It's keeping that flask healthily full with something that coats." - Daytrotter

"smoldering..." -The Deli Magazine
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Track Name: Prizefighter
(B. Cherchiglia)

Well its unfamiliar
but I think we're fine
right on this corner
by the streetlight
I got the money
and you got the guns
cause I know you're not trying
to hurt anyone

Now that's a buzz kid
and that ain't no lie...
We could make Detroit
if we drive the night
Two Hundred & Sixty
Three Miles to the West
Now that ain't romantic
it's just the present.

Holy smokes, me oh my
this city living well its alright
I got my cigar and you've got my light
so let's hit the boardwalk and go get high

Then I'll put my suit on
and you grab that dress
Now let's take a moment
to freeze this second
Go grab my hammer
and crack the glass
I'll grab that pushbroom
to clean up the sand

Holy smokes, me oh my
you know there darlin, you're alright
just like a sitcom re-run at night
and me, my darlin? Well I guess that I
I'm like a Prizefighter stuck in the gym
or like a Preacher who forgot his hymns
like a broken wire in a telephone call...
Like these ticket stubs taped to my wall

Well holy smokes, me oh my
I'll take you dancing, don't that sound nice?
How about some old Jazz or Dixieland?
Come on now baby, take my hand...

Holy smokes, me oh my
you know there darlin well I think that I'll
put these gloves on one last time...
I'll put these gloves on one last time.